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Plumbing Services available with fast response time & 24 hours Plumbers.


Your Contractor for Commercial or Residential plumbers!


24 Hours Emergency

Plumbing Services available with fast response time & 24 hours Plumbers.

Your Contractor for Commercial or Residential plumbers!




24 Hours Emergency

Plumbing Services available with fast response time & 24 hours Plumbers.

Your Contractor for Commercial or Residential plumbers!

Drain Cleaning – Sewer Repair

San Dimas Sewer Repair And Drain Cleaning

At JB San Dimas Plumbing we offer expert rooter repair service of any kind of San Dimas drain cleaning repair. If any of your plumbing does not work properly or if you notice an odor from them or you have any other plumbing problem, simply call us. We will take care of rest, restoring your plumbing system to normal working order. For all of your San Dimas drain cleaning needs you can call us 24 hours a day seven days a week. We always work to accommodate your busy schedule when you need a plumbing service appointment. Call today at at (909) 592-8487 schedule on-line for San Dimas drain cleaning.

San Dimas Drain Cleaning

The following information will help you to become better informed about your San Dimas sewer repair plumbing and drain cleaning needs. This text will help you to use your plumbing systems more effectively. It will also help you extend the life of your systems.

WARNING: This information is only for educational purposes. We do not recommend that you get involved with San Dimas drain cleaning and repair on your own. Our technicians are always available to help you with service to your plumbing pipes. Our plumbers have the necessary training and experience required for plumbing, San Dimas drain cleaning and repair and other related repairs. Trying to do these repairs on your own can be dangerous and can pose possible health risks. For help call us anytime at:


When you need San Dimas drain cleaning we are the best company to call. All of our plumbers specialize in repair. We have been doing drain cleaning since 1988. JB San Dimas plumbing is trusted in hundreds of homes every year. Our Customers sometimes call in need of a repair. There are many ways that a sewer can become damaged. Usually it’s roots. No matter what the cause our expert plumbers have the proper tools and training to diagnose any repair. We have state of the art sewer video equipment this is used to diagnose any repair. When you need cleaning we are always here 24/7. Our trucks carry all the necessary equipment for San Dimas drain cleaning. Most of the time it’s routine maintenance when our customers call. Doing cleaning every 6 months can prevent having a expensive repair later.

Sewer Cleaning

high-pressure-drain-cleaningA clean out is a fitting that is installed on your sewer or San Dimas drain that will allow cleaning and inspection. A clean out is normally needed in order to do cleaning in San Dimas properly. This will require a repair video inspection and location service in order to locate your sewer pipe. Once the sewer or drain is located we will dig it and install a fitting that will allow the cleaning of it.

More about roots and sewer damage

hydroblastingOften the stoppage in the drain or sewer is caused by tree roots. Tree roots are the reason for a lot of cleaning and sewer repair. Tree roots can penetrate and break the joints in clay sewers. They grow by feeding off the water in the drain or sewer. Whenever roots grow in the pipe and have harmed the pipe repairs are necessary. Roots grow in through the joints cracking the clay sewer pipe, this causes separations and damage to the system.

Sewer snakes with special cutting blades can cut out roots. Often times its to late. The damaged pipe will have to be repaired.

Hydro jetting of pipes is an effective way to clean roots and grease from your system. 3500 P.S.I high pressure water hydro jetting service. This is a perfect choice for San Dimas drain cleaning. Our plumbers are highly trained professionals. We can handle any job big or small. Hydro jetting is one of the best way to remove roots from your drain or sewer. We run a “warthog” cutting tip with 3500 P.S.I of pressure to cut roots out of the piping.

Commercial and Residential Drain and Sewer Video and Pipe location Service

plumbing-sewer-repairJB San Dimas Plumbing specializes in sewer video inspection and location service. We do camera inspections and locations on sewers up to 8″ and on drains as small as 1-1/2. We have state of the art equipment. This repair video equipment shows a detailed look at the drain and sewer pipes deep under the ground. This equipment is used in San Dimas drain cleaning and repair. Locating drains and sewers is easy with our advanced equipment. We take precise depth readings and provide exact locations of your pipes. We use this equipment sometimes to verify a cleaning job has been done correctly. We can also tell you its direction of travel. Drain and Sewer video inspection and location is a specialized service. Usually we use it for verifing a completed repair. Our Technicians are trained in all kinds of video inspection. Why trust another plumber for your video inspection and San Dimas drain cleaning and sewer locating needs.

Sewer relining services

pipe-restorationAt JB San Dimas Plumbing we can fully rehabilitate your worn out sewer drain or using new pipe relining technology. We use a new state of the art system and materials and provide a 50 year guarantee on all sewers and drains we re-line. Our repair options are state of the art in trenchless sewer repair. Sewer relining is one of our specialties at JB Plumbing. Our trained drain cleaning and San Dimas sewer repair technicians are the best in the business.

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J B San Dimas Plumbing: A Christian Family Owned and Operated Business.

The Owner and Operator of JB Plumbers is Jeff Belleville. Jeff has 30 years experience as a plumber and contractor. Jeff has experience with copper repipe, sewer repair, drain cleaning, new construction, remodels, and other plumbing services. His Company was founded in 1988. Jeff has extensive experience as a plumber from the ground up as well as whole houses new construction, all types of commercial work and residential installations and repair. We also provides 24 hour emergency service. All plumbers are personally trained by Jeff. He also oversees all jobs and answers the phone personally to take care of your repair and new construction needs.

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